Beato Blood Glucose Test Strip – Pack Of 50 Strips (compatible With Beato Smart Glucometer)


Brand: BEATO
Manufacturer Name: 1. A-1, Ground Floor Kehar Singh Estate, Saidulajab, Lane No. 2, New Delhi-110030
Expires on or After: 14/03/2022Warranty2 Years from date of purchase
Country of Origin: India

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These Blood Glucose Test Strips are fully compatible with BeatO SMART Glucometer. To take the sugar test, do a tiny prick on the finger, the sucking feature in the strip instantly sucks blood sample when the finger is brought near the strip. Your accurate test result is shown within 10 seconds. Recommended Storage Tip: Make sure to keep the strips away from direct sunlight or rain. Always keep them in a cool and dry area. The ideal temperature for storage is 1-30 Degree Celsius, do not freeze these strips. Fully Compatible with BeatO SMART Glucometer 50 Strips in a box and each strip is intended for a single-time use Shelf Life of 2 years from the Date of Manufacture Easy to Use Tiny Blood Sample Required (0.6 uL)


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