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Dettol Antiseptic Liquid is a topical liquid for cuts and wounds, as well as for maintaining home hygiene. Dettol liquid can also be used with proper dilution, to sanitize your home, toys and babywear by killing over 100 illness-causing germs. Recommended by the Indian Medical Association this antiseptic liquid from Dettol is also great for sanitizing home surfaces or adding to laundry to get rid of germs. Dettol Antiseptic Liquid should be an essential part of your first aid kit at home, this 1-litre bottle comes with a fresh pine scent.

Dettol disinfectant liquid protects from over 100 germs.
Can also be used as a cleaner for personal and home hygiene.
Gives protection against infections from cuts, wounds and scratches.
Has been proven to be 99.9% successful at deactivating the SARS-CoV-2 virus which ca
the COVID-19 disease, when used in 1:40 dilution for 5 minutes.

The main active ingredient is Chloroxylenol, the other
in Dettol disinfectant are pine oil, soap, isopropanol, castor oil and water.

First aid disinfection through the topical application on cuts, scratches and wounds.
Clothing disinfection through addition in the water while washing.
Surface and floor disinfection by adding 5ml of Dettol to a bucket of water.
Used as a post-shaving disinfectant by diluting 15 ml Dettol liquid in 300ml of water.

How to Use:

Read the instructions carefully.
Add Dettol disinfectant liquid to the recommended amount of water for dilution.
For cuts and other first-aid use dilute Dettol in about 1 cup of clean water before using it to wash and clean the cut gently.

Safety Information:

Do not use Dettol liquid undiluted on the body for long periods of time, it can cause discolouration or burns.
Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Keep away from children.


Q1. Can I use it for pimples?

Ans. No, this product is not recommended for acne or pimple treatment. You can, however, dilute 5ml of liquid in 10lrts of water for bathing purposes.

Q2. Is it a hand sanitiser?

Ans. Diluted Dettol antiseptic liquid can be used to sanitize hands in emergencies, however, it is not recommended. Please use Dettol hand sanitizer as it is more appropriate for this use case.

Q3. Is the Dettol company trustworthy?

Ans. The Dettol company has been ranked among India’s top 10 most trusted brands for the past 10 years, it has been manufacturing cleaning and disinfectant products since 1932.

Q4. What is Dettol Disinfectant Spray?

Ans. It is a hard and soft surface spray disinfectant that also kills odour causing bacteria resulting in a fresh pine smell. Dettol disinfectant spray is not meant to be used on the body.

Q5. What is the expiry time?

Ans. Please check the bottle label for the expiration date, do not use it if it is expired.


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