Dettol Antiseptic Liquid Bottle Of 60 Ml


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Dettol Antiseptic liquid provides protection to you and your family against illness-causing germs and comes in a fresh pine fragrance. The tropical antiseptic liquid sanitizes your home and helps maintain your personal hygiene.

Dettol Antiseptic liquid kills more than 100 illnesses causing germs.
Can be used for first-aid, cleaning cuts and wounds.
Antiseptic Liquid used to disinfect household items and surfaces.
Recommended by the Indian Medical Association.

The Dettol first aid antiseptic liquid can be used to protect against infection from cuts and scratches.
It helps in disinfecting toys and sanitizing babywear, leaving everything clean and fresh.
It can also be used as a household disinfectant and cleaner on surfaces or in laundry cleaning to kill germs.
This liquid antiseptic is recommended by Indian Medical Association and can be kept in your emergency first aid kit.

How to Use:
First Aid – 15ml to 300ml of water
Bathing and nbsp – 5ml in a 10l bucket of water
Nappy wash – 12.5 ml to 500 ml of water
Floor cleaning – 15ml in 1 bucket of water

Safety Information:
– Store in a hygienic place away from direct sunlight.
– Keep out of reach and sight of children.
– Protect from direct sunlight.

Safety Information:
– For external use only.


Q1. What are the key
in Dettol?

Ans. The key
in Dettol are Chloroxylenol i.p.4.8%, Terpineol B.P. 9.0%, Alcohol (Denatured), eq. to absolute alcohol 13.1% v/v, contains caramel as colour, excipients.

Q2. How can Dettol kill 99.9% of bacteria?

Ans. Our disinfectant products contain active substances, which have bactericidal and/or virucidal activity. In order to confirm the level of active substances, all products are tested according to European standards.

Q3. Do I need to rinse my surface after using Dettol products?

Ans. You may thoroughly need to rinse after using Dettol products.

Q4. What is the difference between a Cleaner and a Cleanser?

Ans. Our cleansing products are specifically designed to disinfect. For eg. Surface Cleanser kills 99.9% of bacteria and vir
*. Our cleaning products are specifically designed for high cleaning performance. For example, our Multi-Purpose Cleaner, in addition to its anti-bacterial properties, tackles tough kitchen grease and bathroom dirt.


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