Everherb Karela Jamun Juice – Helps Maintains Healthy Sugar Levels -helps In Weight Management – 1l


Manufacturer Name: The Unati Co-op Marketing Cum Processing Society Ltd.
Address: Skm Talwara Milestone, Near Mukerian Hydel Powerhouse No 161, road Talwara, Distt. Hoshiarpur, Punjab 144216, India
Expires on or After: 14/03/2022
Country of Origin: India

EverHerb Karela Jamun Juice is formulated with the extracts of Karela or bitter gourd and the whole Jamun fruit. Since ancient times, Karela and Jamun have been used to keep blood sugar levels steady. Bitter gourd is a natural blood-sugar controller and has been used by Ayurvedic doctors for centuries to help diabetes patients. When used along with appropriate medication, a healthy diet and regular exercise, EverHerb Karela Jamun Juice can be helpful to keep blood glucose levels in check.Moreover, EverHerb Karela Jamun Juice can also help speed up digestion and aid in preventing hyperacidity or acid reflux. It can help to remove toxins from the blood and can aid in improving the body’s immunity to prevent infections and can also manage cough. Because of its hydrating effect on the bowels, it can help to ease constipation. EverHerb Karela Jamun Juice is 100 % natural and vegan. It contains no added sugar.
Key Benefits:
:Helps maintain blood sugar levelPromotes blood purificationPrevents infectionsPromotes healthy skinPrevents excessive weight gain by decreasing appetiteBrings relief from constipationKey
:1. Karela JuiceKarela Juice is loaded with naturally occurring compounds that act like insulin. These insulin-like compounds help regulate blood glucose levels. Also, it reduces blood sugar by reducing appetite and promoting utilisation of blood sugar in the body. Because of its high antioxidant and vitamin content, karela can aid in improving digestion.2. Jamun fruit JuiceJamun fruit is known to keep blood glucose levels in control. It contains jamboline and jambosine that can help to lower the speed at which the body converts food to starch. There will be fewer blood sugar spikes when the rate of conversion of food to sugar is slow. Hence, the blood sugar level will get stabilized.Jamun is loaded with iron, anti-oxidant, vitamin A and C- all of which are beneficial for skin, immunity and health. They can also help with muscle movement.How to consume this product:Add 30 ml or 2 caps of EverHerb Karela Jamun Juice to half a glass of water. It should be taken twice a day (morning and evening) on an empty stomach. Do not consume any meal or drink for 30 minutes after taking the juice.Recommended usage:Do not take this product without diluting it in water.Do not take this product more than the stated recommended daily dose.Consult your doctor prior to using this product if you are on diabetic medication.This product should not be a substitute for a well-balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.Storage-Store at room temperature (25-30°C). Protect from moisture and light. Keep the container tightly closed. Keep it out of reach of children. Once opened, kindly refrigerate and consume within 45 days.
Shelf Life:
12 months from the date of manufactureForm: JuiceFrequently asked questions
Q1. Will EverHerb Karela Jamun Juice help manage my blood sugar level?
Ans. EverHerb Karela Jamun Juice contains Jamun and Karela, both of which are very effective to keep blood sugar level stable because of the special plant compounds in them. They prevent a sudden spike in blood glucose.
Q2. Will EverHerb Karela Jamun Juice improve my skin?
Ans. EverHerb Karela Jamun Juice is a blood purifier, prevents acne and promotes healthy and glowing skin.
Q3. What is the best way to consume EverHerb Karela Jamun Juice?
Ans. Always dilute the juice in water first or it could adversely affect your throat and stomach. It should be consumed twice a day on an empty stomach.
Q4. How soon can I expect results from EverHerb Karela Jamun Juice?
Ans. Consume this juice for 60-90 days for best results.


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