Kapiva Karela Jamun Juice 1l| Natural Juice Made From Fresh Karela And Jamun Seeds


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Kapiva Karela Jamun Juice is a sugar-free healthy juice made from natural Karela and Jamun. This Kapiva juice has wide-ranging benefits for your body and doesn’t contain extracts but is made from raw herbs. With no artificial colouring, Kapiva Karela Jamun Juice is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Not only that, but it also carries the benefits of the Jamun seeds which are part of the ingredients.Benefits
Kapiva juice made from Karela and Jamun is good for patients with high blood glucose, as it contains no added sugar. Jamun seeds contain compounds that slow down the conversion of starch into sugar.
It is made in a safe, sustainable manner without over-farming the raw materials where they are grown, traditional ayurvedic production methods are used (such as cold pressing) to ensure that the maximum amount of nutrients are preserved in the juice.
Acidity is lowered with regular use of Kapiva juice as it helps to support healthy digestion.
This Karela and Jamun based health drink lowers cholesterol and helps to keep your heart healthy through nutrients like Potassium, Iron and Folic Acid.
Kapiva Karela Jamun Juice is packed with nutrients like Vitamin A, C, Biotin and Zinc for lustrous hair and smooth skin while also aiding in decreasing acne.
IngredientsKarela (Bitter Gourd), Jamun Seeds, Sodium Benzoate.UsesHealthy juice to be taken daily (or as directed by your doctor) for overall health benefits in digestion, skin, hair, immunity, blood sugar as well as weight management.How to Use
Mix 30 ml of Kapiva Karela Jamun Juice with 30ml of water.
Drink it twice a day, ideally before meals.
Safety Information
Do not exceed the daily recommended amount.
Store it in a cool and dry place.
Do not consume if it is expired. The expiry date is printed on the pack.
FAQQ1: Can it help with weight management?

Ans: Yes, it contains no added sugar, improves digestion, has hypoglycemic ingredients. It can be an essential part of your weight-loss diet.
Q2: How much juice is in this bottle?

Ans: This bottle contains 1 litre of Kapiva Karela Jamun Juice.
Q3: Is it safe for diabetics?

Ans: Yes, it does not contain any sugar. For further information check with your doctor.
Q4: How often should I drink it?

Ans: It is recommended to drink this juice twice a day before meals or follow your doctor’s instructions.


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