Kapiva Wild Tulsi Giloy Juice 1l | Natural Juice For Building Immunity


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Kapiva Tulsi Giloy Health Juice contains extracts of Tulsi which fights infections, keep your skin glowing, promotes healthy digestion and help with blood pressure. It also has Giloy as an ingredient that boosts immunity, helps treat infections and reduces stress and anxiety.
The juice is made with two indigenous herbs which are known for a wide array of health benefits when consumed individually and are even more beneficial if consumed together. The herbs are handpicked and of high quality that will have a positive impact on your health and enhance your lifestyle. The juice is cold-pressed to retain all its original nutritional value and contains no added sugar, flavour or colour.
It is a powerhouse of antioxidants that fight free radicals and keep your cells healthy.
It acts effectively against viral infections and treats recurrent fevers, helping reduce the signs and symptoms of swine flu, dengue and malaria.
Effective against body-aches and headaches.
Facilitates healthy liver function and improves your digestive health.
It lowers blood sugar levels and improves vision.
It is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

It helps flush out toxins to purify the blood.
Fights allergies.
Reduces instances of illnesses.
It improves your overall health and wellness.

How to UseDrink 50ml of Kapiva juice mixed with a glass of water twice a day or as directed by the healthcare professional. Add sugar or honey as per your taste and consume once a day. Always read the entire label before use and check the ingredients to identify if you are allergic to any.
Safety information
Keep it out of the reach and sight of the children.
Do not exceed the recommended dose.
Use it under medical supervision.
Do not consume it after its expiry date.

Q1. Can Kapiva Tulsi Giloy Health Juice help with anxiety issues?

Ans: Yes, Kapiva Tulsi Giloy Health Juice helps reduce mental stress as well as anxiety. It helps get rid of toxins from your body, boosts memory, fights fatigue and calms you down.

Q2. Can Kapiva improve gum health?

Ans: Kapiva helps to destroy the bacteria that are responsible for dental cavities, plaque, tartar and bad breath, while also protecting the teeth and gum.

Q3. Is Kapiva safe?

Ans: Yes, Kapiva is made with herbs that are organically sourced, freshly cut and ensure maximum health benefits.


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