Pigeon Cotton Swabs 200tips Plastic Stem – 100pcs


Manufacturer Name: 216, 2nd Floor, Suncity Business Tower, Sector 54, Gurugram, Haryana – 122003.
Expires on or After: 13/03/2022

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Description: Pigeon Cotton Swabs are dermatologically tested, cotton buds made from high quality 100% pure €˜sterilised cotton’ for everyday hygiene. It features dual-tip €˜cotton swabs’, which make them an ideal product for beauty kits. It can be used to remove earwax softly and to give makeup a final touch up. These Pigeon Cotton Swabs can be used to gently cleanse and dry a baby’s skin around the navel, nose, ears or outer ear.

Pigeon Cotton Swabs are made from high-quality plastic.
Uses: soft cotton.
It comes with a zip lock pouch to keep it hygienic always.
It is hypoallergenic.

High quality sterilised soft cotton
Pliable soft plastic stem

It provides a gentle and safe way to clean your baby’s ear, nose and navel.
Pigeon Cotton Swabs can be used to remove earwax softly.
It is used to clean as it has a high absorption quality.
It is used to give makeup a final touch up.
Can also be used to remove make-up.

How to Use:
Read directions for use.
Use it to clean the outer creases and visible dirt.

Safety information:
Read the packaging instructions carefully before use.
Always keep sealed in the provided zip lock bag.
Store Pigeon Cotton Swabs in a cool and dry place.
Keep it away from children.

Q1: Can babies use Pigeon Cotton Swabs?

Ans: Pigeon Cotton Swabs are specially designed for newborns. The soft plastic stem is extremely pliable and can be used by you to clean the hard to reach places on your baby effectively.

Q2: Can Pigeon Cotton Swabs be effective in cleaning out ear wax regularly?

Ans: Pigeon Cotton Swabs use high-quality soft cotton with a high absorption quality and can be effectively used to clean out ear wax and other dirt in and around the ear regularly.

Q3: Can using Pigeon Cotton Swabs be harmful while cleaning the ear?

Ans: Pigeon Cotton Swabs are soft and very pliable. Make sure not to insert the cotton swab deep into the ear, leading to unpleasant injuries. Always clean only outer creases and the visible dirt and wax. In case of any unfortunate injury, please consult a doctor.


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