Sugar Free Natura Sweetener Tablets Bottle Of 500


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Expires on or After: 14/03/2022
Country of Origin: India

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The Sugar Free Natura is a sweetener tablet that does not contain any high-calorie sugar that can be harmful to people suffering from high blood glucose levels. This artificial sweetener does not contain any sucrose but instead is made from sucralose which is a zero-calorie derivative of sucrose. The Sugar Free Natural sweetener tablets are an easy way for people to experience the flavour of sugar without worrying about the intake of too many calories.

Key Benefits:

The Sugar Free Natural sweetener is a way for diabetic patients to consume sugar that is safe for controlling their blood sugar levels.
Moreover, it is also a healthy alternative to conventional sugar for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who like to maintain their daily calorie intake.
Since Sugar Free Natura sweetener tablets contain sweetening agents that enhance sweetness to more than 600 times that of conventional sugar, it needs to be used sparingly, adding to the cost-effectiveness of this product.
Since sucralose, the key ingredient of the Sugar Free sweetener is considerably stable in high heat conditions, it can be used to cook hot dishes in the kitchen as well.


Dextrose sweetener
Bulking agent
Sucralose anticaking agent
Silicon dioxide


This artificial sweetener can be used to make tea, coffee, ice cream and even baked goods without the use of conventional sugar that is high in sucrose.
Sugar Free Natura sweetener tablets are mostly used by diabetic patients to facilitate their daily needs of sweetness in a safe way that does not increase their blood glucose levels.
These sweetener tablets can also serve as an excellent substitute for sugar when making homemade desserts and sweets. For people with an active sweet tooth, this is a great option to fulfil their desires as well as reduce the negative health impacts of consuming excess sugar.

How to Use:
1 pellet of the Sugar Free Natura sweetener is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar in terms of its level of sweetness.

Safety Information:

Keep it away from the reach of children as the Sugar Free natural sweetener cannot be consumed by children without the advice of a doctor.
Store it in an air-tight container that can be kept in a cool and dry place.
Keep it away from direct heat and light from the sun.
Always check the expiry date before consuming.


Q1: What happens if I drop more than 2-3 tablets of Sugar Free sweetener in my tea?

Ans: Your tea can end up tasting too sweet and the number of calories could be more if consumed in excess.

Q2: How do I know whether I need to use sugar-free sweetener tablets?

Ans: Upon getting your blood glucose levels tested, if you find that you have a high blood glucose level, your doctor will usually advise you to stop consuming conventional sugar and begin using Sugar Free Natural sweetener tablets instead.


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