Zandu Haldi Drops Immunity Building – 32ml (20ml + 12 Ml Free)


Brand: ZANDU
Manufacturer Name: 1. Cotec Healthcare Private Limited |
Address: Khasra No. 593/1, Roorkee Dehradun Highway, Kishanpur,Roorkee, Haridwar, Uttarakhand- 247667.
Expires on or After13/03/2022
Country of Origin: India

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The all-natural non-GMO Zandu Haldi Drops Immunity Building is a comprehensive health improver and gluten-free solution. Built with the goodness of Haldi and several other ingredients, using the Zandu Haldi Drops protects the individual from allergies and improves digestion. The Zandu Haldi Drops is prepared with natural ingredients with no added artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. It also ensures quick action and protection against other health issues like cold and cough.
Improves the ability to fight diseases by improving immunity.
Consuming Zandu Haldi Drops can reduce inflammation.
The unique formula is beneficial for skin health and maintenance.
Help fight bacterial infections.
It helps to enhance immunity and help fight against cough and cold effectively.
Haldi is good for bones and supports joint movements.
Regular usage of Haldi drops improves digestion and metabolism.
Consuming Zandu Haldi Drops for pain helps in reducing its degree.

Tvak – Cinnamon
Suksmaila – Cardamon
Black pepper

Susceptibility to diseases – falls sick easily, weak body and lethargy.
Bone or wound pain – fractures, flesh wounds and other sorts of pain.
Liver problems – irregular liver functioning.
Skin troubles – to maintain proper skin health and treat skin disorders.
Respiratory issues – cough, cold and allergic rhinitis.
Inflammatory issues – swelling, injury or tissue problems.

How to Use
Shake the bottle before opening it.
Take half a glass of water or tea or milk (approx 100 ml).
Pour five to ten Zandu Haldi Drops into the glass.
Mix it well and drink.
Consume it daily twice or follow the physician’s advice.

Safety Information
Make sure to read and understand the label instructions before consuming.
Store Zandu Haldi Drops bottle away from direct sunlight or any other heat source.
Keep the bottle away from children due to the risk of unregulated consumption.
Stop consuming in case of irritation in the bowel.
Pregnant women must only take small amounts of Haldi (in any form).

FAQQ 1. Are there any side effects of consuming Zandu Haldi Drops?

Ans: Consuming too much Haldi (in any form) per day (more than 8 grams) can cause dizziness, nausea and upset the stomach leading to diarrhoea.
Q 2. Can Zandu Haldi Drops be used to treat an upset stomach?

Ans: No, refrain from consuming Zandu Haldi Drops in case of an upset stomach as it can aggravate the condition.


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